Fear and Pleasure

How does the fear of Molestation or Rape turn into pleasure? Or is there a such thing?

If you can relate please feel free to share. Someone needs to hear your story.


Chapter 1

This is a question from Chapter 1 what do you think? Share your thoughts you never know how you it will help someone else.

Have you ever been in a Relationship that began with fear, then somehow turned into pleasure? or vice- versa?

Inspiring is my Life..

I wanted to do this Blog so that I can help people everywhere who are struggling to love themselves  first as well as others.  I am a new author and I wanted to share some of my story and get some feedback on just what people have gone through.  Perhaps we can help each other.  Everyone has a Journey and the only way to get through it is to Embrace it…

I look forward to sharing with you and with a prayers you too will be Inspired.

Veronica, Author of Journey to the Recovery of Love